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Facts about the subconscious mind:

All information processes, occurring in the subconscious, are based on the emotional foundation. The subconscious is very emotionally: each second in it there are thousands of микропереживаний fear, pain, joy. Consciously, we perceive only the strongest of them, and only those who can perceive the consciousness.
The subconscious of two and more people can, for unknown channels, to communicate with each other. This phenomenon revealed experimentally by many scientists, but the nature of subliminal channels of communication is still unknown.
Facts about intuition:

Despite the fact that intuition is not caused by an effort of will, to bring intuitive solution still possible in certain ways. What will it take? First, it is necessary to fix attention on the problem that you have to solve, and keep repeating its terms. Second, we must be able to wait, is not adjusting itself and not reproaching for "mediocre" spent time - here to help meditation skills or techniques of concentration. Third, we need to switch to a completely different, unrelated to the activities of the task: then returning to the problem, you can almost immediately see the solution.