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Brain Mapping Reveals How Genes Organize The Surface Of The Brain
Cerebral cortex , Understanding all kinds of biological phenomena , Differences with other atlases, To whom the atlas can be useful?

Differences Revealed In Brain Function For Children With Math Anxiety
A series of scans , Functional magnetic resonance imaging brain, Math anxiety is an under-studied phenomenon, Find biological evidence, Develop new strategies for addressing the problem, Differences in performance, †Future studies of math and brain function:

Breast Cancer Patients Benefit From Stress Management
Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management , Times of adversity , Timeframe in a woman's life, †Plans

Living Alone Can Make You Depressed
Important talking point, Pulkki-Raback says that :, During the 2000 to 2008 follow up period, people living alone bought 80% more antidepressants than those living with others

Teen Girls' Self-Esteem May Not Be Helped By Weight Loss
About 17 percent of American children ages 2-19 are obese , Difference in self-esteem levels between races, More research is needed , Continuing to study this issue

Extra Help For Smokers Trying To Quit
Pilot scheme offered smokers additional help, Research into smoking cessation is a top public health priority in the UK , Helping smokers, Collecting data by telephone, Analysis of the substantial bank of data , †No more effective

Sleeping After Processing New Info Most Effective, New Study Shows
Nodding off in class, People routinely use both types of memory every day , Pronounced deterioration in memory for unrelated word pairs, Sleeping soon after learning benefited both types of memory

Even Slight Stimuli Change The Information Flow In The Brain
One cup or two faces?, How the different regions of the brain are connected with each other?, The interacting brain areas are like metronomes , We are trained to recognize faces as quickly as possible, Scientists want to test the model on networks with a more realistic anatomy

Emotional Behaviors In Teachers Improved By Meditation
Meditation is practiced by tens of millions around the world, New techniques to reduce destructive emotions, †Study Arose After Meeting Dalai Lama , Three categories of meditative practice, "Marital interaction", †Result of meditation

Positive Outcomes For Children When School-Based Mental Health Support Available
Communication between health and education professionals, †Researchers tracked and analysed the progress of 18,235 children in 526 schools, One in ten children in the UK has a clinically diagnosable mental health problem, Targeted help

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